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How to do Nadi Taan Asana – The Posture of The Body Stretch

Nadi Taan Asana - The Posture of The Body Stretch

Nadi Taan Asana is one of the Yoga posture, who relieves the body tension and causes improvement in blood circulation. Tiredness is relieved and the whole body is freshened up. Here are we describe the method and the benefits of Nadi Taan Asana.

  1. Lie on the floor, carpet or a sheet of thick cloth, facing skywards. Spread your legs straight. Keep feet a little apart. Remain in this position for about half a minute so that the breathing becomes normal.
  1. Now place both legs and feet together. Interlock the fingers of your hands and twist them so that the palms face skywards. Inhale deeply.
  1. Now raise your hands (with fingers interlocked) make a circular movement with your hands and then try to touch the ground as far away from your head as possible. Simultaneously stretch your whole body while also pressing your toes downwards.
  1. Remember that you are to hold your breath inside your lungs till you can comfortably do so. When you have urge to exhale, exhale slowly and simultaneously take your hands in circular motion, first above your stomach and then to the side of your body, while disengaging the interlocked fingers. Then relax your body completely.
  1. Relax your feet also and let the toes fall apart (away from your body). Wait till your breathing becomes regular. Repeat this posture. This posture can be performed three to four times.

Benefits of Nadi Taan Asana

  1. Actually, Body Stretch Posture is one of the early postures for practicing Yoga. Therefore, every individual can perform this posture easily. Both the slim and heavily built persons can practice this posture.
  1. This posture stretcher and relaxes the whole body. Therefore, this posture removes unnecessary tension in the body and grants natural relaxation. When the body is tired or full of tension, then the person stretcher himself and yawns, thereby relieving the tension. However, by careful observation, it has come to light that as the daily life is becoming more and more stressful, the man is forgetting stretching himself.
  1. Through the body Stretch Posture, maintain the habit of stretching and yawning so that your body is light, healthy and free of tension.This posture is beneficial in blood pressure, to the nervous system and relieves laziness. This posture induces alertness in the body, increases body length and rejuvenates the body.